16 Nov, 2023
Award Winning Project – Al Gurm

We are honored to have been presented with the Urban Landscape award for Sustainability at the 2023 Landscape Middle East Awards ceremony. Our sincere appreciation to all those who nominated us and to the organizers of this extremely professionally executed event. The ceremony was held at Atlantis the Royal Palm Dubai, recognizing outstanding contributors to sustainability, urban design, park and recreations, hospitality and retail, tourism, urban landscape art, and landmark legacy. This international event promotes and celebrates pioneers shaping the future of sustainable landscape in the Middle East and has become THE highlight in the landscape industry and we are proud to have co-sponsored it.

Our winning project is the Corniche Al Gurm, where we focused on reimaging the corniche, choreography with nature, anticipatory design, focal points, sustainability measures, urban extension to the sea, and all in harmony with the adjacent mangrove forest.

During construction, natural systems were protected with barriers. Drought-resistant plants were chosen to enhance ecology and meet local standards, and energy efficiency was focused on by using LEDs for lighting. Water efficiency strategies involved native plants, sustainable sea water pumps, and stormwater management. Durable hardscape used low Solar Reflective Index (SRI) materials for heat control, sustainable timber and recycled materials were endorsed.

The project embodied a holistic approach, balancing sustainability, ecological protection, and community well-being, blending urban and natural elements in a seamless fusion of wellness, education, heritage, and nature. We are deeply grateful for this reward and to be part of shaping a greener future.


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