15 Oct, 2023
Redefining Luxury Retail – A New Approach to Outdoor Shopping Malls via Riyadh

VIA Riyadh is not just another high-end shopping mall, but a groundbreaking example of how luxury development can embrace and support environmental concerns. With AMSAD Architectural Associates at the helm and landscape expertise provided by ICON, this project presents a contemporary interpretation of a wadi, ushering in a new era of shopping experiences. Nestled near the Diplomatic Quarter, VIA Riyadh has undeniably become the epitome of the city’s sophisticated elegance. Its awe-inspiring exterior is only surpassed by the serene beauty found within. Seamlessly blending with its environment, this visionary masterpiece evokes the majestic horizontality of the desert and the vibrant intimacy of a wadi.

From the moment you lay eyes on VIA Riyadh, it surprises and captivates, dominating the surrounding landscape with its imposing structure that is reminiscent of rocky cliffs. The careful composition of volumes and colour schemes pays homage to the timeless grandeur of the Diriyah region’s UNESCO heritage, creating a powerful connection to the region’s cultural, historical, and environmental heritage. The surrounding landscape, adorned with scattered rocks and groves, invokes the vastness of the desert, and this further accentuates the strength and grandeur of the building.

Stepping inside VIA Riyadh, visitors are instantly transported into a contemporary interpretation of a wadi. Water, the essence of life, animates and defines the heart of this canyon. Its subtle greenish-gray hue brilliantly mirrors the region’s natural water sources, imbuing an air of tranquility and serenity throughout. Monochromatic vegetation, featuring endemic species with delicate gray-green foliage, effortlessly blends into the environment. Thriving within every crevice, scaling walls, tracing fault lines, and cascading down parapets and cliffs, it delicately mimics the beauty of nature.

What sets VIA Riyadh apart is its dedication to authenticity and simplicity. Redefining luxury, opulence is not flaunted in overt displays. Instead, it emerges through a profound quest for genuine experiences. Harmonious colour palettes unite the green vegetation with the beige and orange tones of the facades, which symbolise the surrounding rock formations. The glazed, smoked and reflective facades enhance the immersive experience, creating the illusion of expanded spaces and amplifying the “neo-nature” atmosphere.

As nightfall descends, VIA Riyadh undergoes a breathtaking metamorphosis, paying tribute to the enchanting tales of Arabia. The setting sun’s golden rays, accompanied by expertly crafted lighting, breathe new life into this oasis, transforming it into a mesmerising spectacle. Making exclusivity accessible to everyone, the facades come alive and transcend into living canvases that shimmer and captivate, and take guests on an extraordinary adventure through an unknown universe.

VIA Riyadh reinvents luxury and seamlessly blends it with nature. It embodies an authenticity that is rarely encountered in shopping experiences. The combination of simplicity, natural elements, and creative use of light creates an unparalleled ambiance. This visionary project transports visitors to a realm where fantasy and reality intertwine, showcasing the allure of the unknown while honoring Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage. Within the kingdom of VIA Riyadh, luxury finds new significance. It embraces the power of nature and creates an unforgettable shopping experience straight out of a fantasy.


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