Aflaj Park


Contract Title: Provision Of Consultancy Services For The Project Of Development And Employment Of Open Spaces In Entertainment And Heritage Activities At Aflaj Irrigation Canals And Al Aflaj Area – Al Ain City)
Client: Al Ain Municipality (AAM)
Location: Al Ain, UAE
Year: 2017

Area: 5,000,000 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture, Climate & Sustainability
Services: Investment Strategy, Business Case Development, Concept Design, Publication


– Landscape Design
– Furniture Design
– Water Feature & Pool Design
– Horticultural Studies
– Landscape Lighting
– Signage & Wayfinding

– Sustainability Strategy & Planning
– Sustainable Water Management
– Sustainable Agriculture and Forest
– Planning and Design


ICON developed the landscape design for a vacant piece of land in the Aflaj trails and Aflaj district of Al Ain City. The aim was to create a recreational and heritage site that aligned with the City Image Management Strategy, incorporating feedback gathered from a comprehensive community survey.

The primary objectives of the project were to preserve three traditional aflajs and provide an enriching and enjoyable experience for visitors. The proposed design included the development of three trails – Al Aini Falaj, Al Dawoodi Falaj, and Khalifa Falaj – as well as a visitor center, petting zoo, aflaj garden, and wadi park. Additionally, the design incorporated diverse investment opportunities for the private sector, enabling the realization of the entire park through a public-private partnership.

The project has been recognized for its excellence and has been shortlisted for the WAN Future Projects Urban Design Award in 2017.