Corniche Al Gurm


Contract Title: Construction of Safety Improvement Works for Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Road
Client: Nael Bin Harmal Hydroexpert
/ Musanada / Department of Municipalities and Transport
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year: 2019

Area: 135,740 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture, Urban Infrastructure, Climate & Sustainability
Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detail Design, Tender Documentation, Construction Management and Supervision.


– Landscape Design
– Furniture Design
– Playgrounds & Sports Areas
– Water Feature & Pool Design
– Bicycle Tracks
– Horticultural Studies
– Irrigation Design
– Landscape Lighting
– Signage & Wayfinding
– Roads & Parking Design
– Active Transportation Networks
– Traffic Engineering
– Power Distribution and Lighting
– Plumbing Systems & Wet Utilities
– Infrastructure Structural Engineering
– Stormwater Management & Drainage Systems

– Sustainability Strategy and Planning


Corniche Al Gurm, located between the Mangrove National Park and Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Road in Abu Dhabi, was a historically popular waterfront promenade. Despite being impacted by road extension works that reduced it to a narrow pedestrian strip and parking areas, our landscape design and urban infrastructure proposals have brought new life to the promenade.

By extending the promenade six meters towards the water using a structural concrete platform and cantilevered beams, we have created additional space for cycling, walking, relaxation, and leisure activities. The integration of architectural elements from the original design, along with thirteen themed nodes/terraces, captivating landscaping, shade structures, and other sustainable features, has transformed Corniche Al Gurm into a soulful and inclusive space. Furthermore, the implementation of visual and sound buffers, as well as Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM), ensures safety and tranquility.

The design, now implemented, emphasizes accessibility, comfort, and visual harmony, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the surroundings while enjoying a variety of activities and leisure pursuits.