Qasr Al Watan - Presidential Palace


Contract Title: Consulting Services Contract For The Design & Supervision Of Landscaping Works Of The Presidential Palace Project – Abu Dhabi
Client: Ministry of Presidential Affairs
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year: 2010

Area: 1,280,510 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture, Urban Infrastructure
Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detail Design, Tender Documentation, Construction Management and Supervision,


– Landscape & Garden Design
– Furniture Design
– Water Feature & Pool Design
– Horticultural Studies
– Nursery Planning
– Irrigation Design
– Landscape Lighting
– Signage & Wayfinding

– Power Distribution and Lighting
– Plumbing Systems & Wet Utilities
– Infrastructure Structural Engineering
– Main Irrigation Design
– Stormwater Management & Drainage Systems


In 2010, ICON won an international competition to design the surrounding landscape of Qasr Al Watan in Abu Dhabi, a palace that showcases the United Arab Emirates’ rich heritage and culture and reflects on governance, knowledge and craftsmanship. The landscape design is the first of its kind in the Middle East, with its grand scale and rich architectural form making it an iconic landmark in the region.

The 130-hectare core area features the central palace located on an elevated platform, complemented by the ornamental design of the surrounding palace gardens. The grounds feature intricately paved plazas, ‘carpet’ patterned gardens, and 62 sophisticated water features, all of which support the timeless and traditional detailing of the landscape. In addition to the stunning landscaping, ICON has designed a unique lighting series that complements the local and ornamental style of the palace’s architecture. The lighting enhances the palace’s beauty and provides a dramatic effect during nighttime viewings. Overall, Qasr Al Watan is a true masterpiece of design and architecture, showcasing the best of the UAE’s rich cultural heritage.