Djibouti Park


Contract Title: Djibouti Park
Client: Republic of Djibouti, President’s Office
Location: Djibouti, Djibouti
Year: 2014

Area: 173,400 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture
Services: Concept Design


– Landscape Design
– Furniture Design
– Horticultural Studies


To craft the concept design, ICON drew inspiration from African arts; an amorphic pattern that seamlessly blends into the site and produces a fresh and contemporary land- scape design. The design approach focused on combining form and function, resulting in various spaces that provide unobstructed movement and serve as destination points for multiple activities. Playgrounds and sports courts cater to an active lifestyle, while the village area, constructed using recycled portacabins in a contemporary style, offers a unique recreational experience.

The color palette takes cues from vibrant African costumes and textiles, with these lively hues reflected in the play elements, built structures, furniture, and softscape. Tribal African symbols and drawings were thoughtfully incorporated into the park’s signage, adding cultural significance. Furthermore, the concept design emphasizes eco-awareness and recycling, as showcased by the innovative reuse of portacabins to form an urban village at the heart of the park.