Dubai Academic International City


Contract Title: Landscaping Consultancy Services at DIAC, DSC, DIC & DMC
Client: TECOM Investments FZ LLC
Location: DUBAI, UAE
Year: 2017

Area: 48,184 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture
Services: Site Assessment Report, Concept Design, Detail Design, Tender Documentation, Tender Support, Construction Management and Supervision



  • Landscape & Garden Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Water Feature & Pool Design
  • Bicycle Tracks
  • Horticultural Studies
  • Nursery Planning
  •  Irrigation Design
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Signage & Wayfinding
  • Artwork Strategy


ICON undertook the refurbishment of the existing landscape area at DIAC (Dubai International Academic City), encompassing distinguished communal places and plazas adjacent to 14 building blocks, including University Schools, Authority Institute, Food Court, and Offices. Our primary objective was to enhance the outdoor spaces and facilities of DIAC business park and campuses, focusing on sustainable and viable development of landscaped open spaces.

The project involved addressing various issues, such as dysfunctional water features, the drop-off area, parking spaces, and pedestrian access. We integrated captivating elements into the landscaped areas, including feature ‘green’ structures, a variety of seating areas, pedestrian pathways, shade structures, stairs, and ramps.

Through our design implementation, we successfully transformed the outdoor space, fostering a sense of community and connectivity while promoting productivity, collaboration, and well-being. The revitalized areas now provide a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere, facilitating seamless movement and interaction for DIAC’s employees, students, and other users. Our efforts have resulted in a more sustainable, people-friendly, and functional environment, greatly enhancing the overall experience of DIAC’s business park and campuses.