E25 Streetscape


Contract Title: For the provision of all Services required to complete the Design Services role on the E25 Streetscape project – an initiative of Ghadan 21
Client: Department of Municipalities and Transport
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Year: 2019
Area: 90,779 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture, Urban Infrastructure, Climate & Sustainability
Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design, Detail Design, Tender Documentation, Construction Supervision,


– Landscape & Garden Design
– Furniture Design
– Water Feature & Pool Design
– Horticultural Studies
– Nursery Planning
– Irrigation Design
– Landscape Lighting
– Signage & Wayfinding
– Power Distribution and Lighting
– Plumbing Systems & Wet Utilities
– Infrastructure Structural Engineering
– Main Irrigation Design
– Stormwater Management & Drainage Systems


The Al Nayhan – E25 streetscape/Mohammed Bin Khalifha road serves as a vital connector road linking E10 Salaam Street to Sultan bin Zayed the first Street. Its strategic location near the office zone, which includes DMT, military camp base, and other establishments, highlights its significance in the area. Under the Ghadan 21 quick wins initiative, the improvement of the E25 streetscape, spanning approximately 3330m in length, aimed to create visually striking interventions that promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage alternative modes of transportation. The project involved redefining existing and vacant spaces, enhancing perimeter walls, and activating available areas through light programming. Safety considerations, existing bus stops, and pedestrian crossings were taken into account to enhance the user experience and promote lower driving speeds, while maintaining the integrity of the existing streetscape and right-of-way.

The design principles of the Ghadan initiative guided the project, focusing on activating school zones and public spaces, visually enhancing crossings, streetscapes, and parking lots, and incorporating pop-up activities such as sports areas, fitness zones, and night markets. Innovative furniture was introduced to create a unique and engaging landscape. Additionally, the E25 streetscape project embraced educational and cultural values by incorporating a recycling hub with custom-sized hoops and plastic collection bins to promote recycling and sustainability. An Arboretum showcasing native plants was established to promote biodiversity, preserve local flora, and connect people to their cultural heritage.

Throughout the project, strict compliance with Abu Dhabi codes and regulations was maintained, and coordination with existing infrastructure presented its own set of challenges.