Sumaysimah Corniche


Contract Title: Sumaysimah Corniche
Client: Qatar Government
Location: Doha, Qatar
Year: 2011

Area: 150,000 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture
Services: Concept Design


– Landscape Design
– Furniture Design
– Horticultural Studies


The Sumaysimah Corniche is envisioned as a weekend retreat for the residents of Doha and neighboring towns, offering a serene environment with coastal beauty and a wide range of beach sports and outdoor activities.

The key attractions for both tourists and residents include a spa resort, a restaurant situated on a terraced hill, and chalets oriented towards the open sea. The architectural design embraces a contemporary interpretation of Qatari and Islamic vernacular styles, tailored to suit the beach setting. Eight entrances to the corniche are marked by distinctive landmarks, adding to the charm of the area. Shaded walkways and a jogging track seamlessly guide pedestrians from one section of the corniche to another, allowing visitors to explore the various amenities. Starting from the restaurant on the terraced hill, one can proceed to a central viewing deck, then to a mosque plaza and souk, and finally arrive at the expansive lawn areas that host events and gatherings.