Visitors Centre (SKBZNM)


Contract Title: The Provision Of Design And Supervision Services For H.H. Shaikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyian Mosque
Client: Ministry of Presidential Affairs
Location: Al Ain, UAE
Year: 2015

Area: 980 m²
Expertise: Landscape Architecture
Services: Concept Design, Schematic Design


– Landscape Design
– Architecture Design


The project explores the expressive potential of architecture to enhance the local identity, fusing together architecture and archaeology to represent Emirati culture and history in a contemporary manner. Drawing inspiration from Islamic architectural symbols such as courtyards, fountains, and solid walls with minimal openings, the design interprets these elements through a modern lens while maintaining a connection to traditional building techniques.

The architectural structure is conceived as an extension of the adjacent archaeological sites, seamlessly integrating with the surroundings. A captivating spiral-shaped ramp takes visitors on a transformative journey, guiding them through underground archaeological exhibition halls that showcase the rich local history. The building’s orientation and partially buried structure effectively mitigate extreme temperatures, while the mass design optimizes passive solar performance by minimizing the use of glazing. Furthermore, a planted roof reduces the visual impact of the building on the landscape, offering temperature stabilization and insulation benefits.

Notably, the project has been shortlisted for the WAN Future Projects Civic Award 2017, recognizing its excellence and innovation in the field of architecture.